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What’s your jewellery personality?

Putting on a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a ring you love is about so much more than simply accessorising. Jewellery is about stories. The stories behind the piece, the stories we tell ourselves when we wear it, the stories we share with others who comment on our jewellery.

The reasons we choose and cherish different items of jewellery are so personal to each of us. From the fun costume piece that makes a statement to the family heirloom you slip on as a sentimental armour.

So, in the interests of delving more deeply into what jewellery means to you, I sent out a series of questions to my VIP list over the summer (are you on the list?)

The results were heartwarming, and often surprising.

In fact, one question provoked so many fascinating responses, it really got me thinking.

Reading your thoughtful messages, I realised we all have different jewellery personalities - an idea I loved so much, that I decided to put together a blog post about it!

Which of the jewellery personality types below do you identify with the most?

Read on to find out which one you are…

Which jewellery type are you? by Kate Smith Jewellery

1. The Sentimental Jewellery Lover

Jewellery is essential to you because of the special memories it evokes.

It makes you feel connected to people you love, so there’s a strong emotional element at play when you reach for your favourite ring or pair of earrings.

It’s almost like you’re transporting memories around with you throughout the day, keeping you connected to the people you cherish, no matter where you are.

For the sentimental jewellery lover, the pieces you choose are like emotional protection - everything you wear has a special meaning you carry close to your heart.

Your jewellery makes you smile and brings treasured memories back.

In fact, you don’t just love receiving jewellery, but you love to gift it to people you care about too, because you know just how much that means.

Sentimental jewellery lovers like you aren’t simply wearing pieces that link them to people, however.

It could be a special place, a time in your life, or even a cherished hobby, book, or piece of art.

For the sentimental jewellery wearer, everything has a meaning. And whether you love to share those special associations linked to each piece with others or keep the memories just for yourself, it matters to you on a deep level.

2. The Fully Dressed Jewellery Lover

The fully dressed jewellery lover feels naked without jewellery!

It’s the icing on the cake of your everyday look and makes you feel ready for anything, whether you’re nipping to Sainsbury’s or preparing for a huge family celebration.

It makes you feel attractive, stylish, and elegant.

You slip on your jewellery to complete your outfit - only then do you feel properly dressed and ready for the day.

For you, jewellery makes you feel “put together”, elegant, and finished before you leave the house - it’s as much a part of your morning routine as brushing your teeth or spritzing your signature perfume.

No outfit feels right without a pair of earrings, a necklace, or your rings - in fact, you really feel like you’re missing something if you don’t at least add earrings to finish your look.

But this isn’t just about how you look - you genuinely feel bare without your favourite jewels, because they’re personal to you and have become a vital piece of your wardrobe over the years.

While you may mix up the types of jewellery you wear, one thing’s for sure - you won’t leave home without it.

3. The Good Mood Jewellery Lover

Jewellery makes you happy!

For the good mood jewellery lover, putting on a pair of earrings makes you smile, and there’s no feeling quite like catching a glimpse of your reflection or admiring the stones on your rings.

These little moments genuinely brighten up your day.

In fact, you may go as far as to only reach for your jewels when you’re feeling good, and leave them in the drawer when your mood is low. This can signal to your loved ones that it’s time to offer an extra hug or pop up with an unprompted cup of tea (my personal love language).

Jewellery is deeply emotional for you, and it speaks volumes about your internal barometer.

Putting on your best necklace and making the effort to add earrings to your outfit improves your confidence and gives you that extra boost as you get ready to tackle the day ahead.

4. The Expressive Jewellery Lover

For the expressive jewellery lover, jewels are all about personality and identity.

Your chosen pieces make a statement about who you are, and it’s important to you to communicate this the moment you walk into a room without having to say a word.

Put simply, jewellery makes you feel like you.

And frankly, you’d feel lost without it!

You love individual, unique pieces that are as distinctive as you are. As a person, you’re creative and have a strong sense of self, which you love to express through your wardrobe and accessories.

Your friends and family could see an item of clothing and jewellery and immediately say “That is SO you!” because your style is so recognisably yours.

Putting on your jewels as you get dressed for the day ahead helps you create unique outfit combinations that demonstrate your individuality and make you feel seen.

Often, the more unusual, colourful, or quirky, the better - you’re not afraid to go bold!

Like all of our jewellery personalities, wearing jewellery to express elements of your identity and personality goes beyond the surface.

How you express yourself through your clothing and jewellery says so much about what you care about - and you love the fact that sometimes, only you know what that deeper meaning represents. From the plants you love, to the special dates you cherish.

Often, the expressive jewellery lover considers themself to be an introvert. You may think that’s a contradiction for someone who makes confident choices about their appearance, but this actually makes perfect sense.

Expressive jewellery lovers who are introverted in nature like to show who they are rather than saying it.

So, their clothes, hairstyle, and accessories can help them to communicate silently what sort of person they are on the inside (without having the horror of speaking in front of a crowded room) to attract like-minded souls.

It’s the classic idea of making a statement without saying a word - and introverts love to do that through their external appearance.

Finding unique jewellery that reflects your individual style

I’d absolutely love to know if any of the jewellery personality types I’ve identified in this post resonate with you - which one are you?

The Sentimental, Fully Dressed, Good Mood or Expressive Jewellery Lover?

Or maybe you’re a mixture!

Whichever you are, I think we can all agree jewellery has a special place in our hearts, even if we each wear it for completely different reasons.

One of my favourite parts of my job is seeing how you style your beautiful pieces and how they become part of your distinctive identity and style.

The same piece can look completely different on two people with wildly contrasting styles, which is so amazing to see as a jeweller. You really do bring my work to life and create your own stories around it to share and pass on to the people you love.

Where to find unique and custom-made jewellery

Birmingham artisan jewellery designer Kate Smith at her Jewellery Quarter workbench

If we haven’t met already, hi!

I’m Kate, the creative mind and just one pair of the very capable hands behind Kate Smith Jewellery.

I opened my jewellery studio to inspire you to discover uniquely beautiful pieces you struggle to find elsewhere - there’s definitely a lot out there, but I’m guessing none of it feels 100% you?

Twenty years ago, I started making jewellery on a makeshift bench in my parents’ garage.

Today I have my very own studio in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter and a small team of talented makers who share my passion for creating the perfect piece you’ll cherish forever.

Are you looking for some inspiration to get started? Start with my latest Dune Collection to get a feel for my style - I think you’re going to love it.

Perhaps you have something specific in mind to create from scratch or repurpose from an existing piece? We can do that together - my bespoke jewellery is truly original and the process of developing it together is such a memorable journey I’m privileged to be a part of.

If you’re not looking at the moment but would love to keep an eye on what I’m working on so you can start planning your next piece (or dropping hints to a loved one), join my VIP list and let’s keep in touch with each other.


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