A beautifully understated etched silver ring with oxidised (blackened) detail circling the band. A graphic, drawn line is highlighted against the textured backdrop of sterling silver.


Created using the specialist technique of acid etching, the pattern is hand drawn into a resist that has been applied to the silver ring. It is then submerged into a solution that etches away at the exposed metal, allowing the pattern to form permanently in relief.


A solution that causes rapid oxidisation is applied to the etch, and finally the ring given a textured satin finish.


Available in either a 7mm (£140) or 10mm (£156) width, the rings have a flat outside & inside profile.

Silver Rings With Etched Oxidised Detail

SKU: KS66KS67ox
    • hallmarked sterling silver
    • ring profile: flat
    • 7mm or 10mm width available

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