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transforming your unworn & heirloom jewellery

Imagine transforming the ring or necklace that's sitting, unworn and lonely at the bottom of your jewellery box into a  contemporary new piece that you love and want to show off to the world!

Maybe you've inherited a piece of jewellery that holds special meaning to you, but in its current form, just isn't something you're going to wear. Or you have some rings that you once loved but now aren't your style and you'd like to breathe new life in to them.

Remodelling jewellery is something I love to do for our clients and below is a snapshot of some recent creations, showing you the before and after. 
Halo Ring With
Diamonds And Emeralds

Alison wanted us to create a truly modern ring using the gold and gemstones from her old engagement rings, that she no longer wore.

This chunky halo ring features her diamonds with some added emeralds from our studio.

"Thank you Kate for creating this fabulous ring for me. I am thrilled with the result" 

Rhodolite Garnet, Sapphire and Ruby Ring in Gold

Taking the gemstones from Carol's late mother's earrings, we melted down the gold and re-formed it into a contemporary ring. Featuring a select few of the gemstones allowed us to choose the best combination for the design.  

"The whole process was brilliant and very well considered. Kate's expertise in advising what could/wouldn't work was invaluable & the outcome stunning."  Carol
 Wide 18ct White Gold Ring with Sapphire & Diamonds

Featuring a diamond from her late mother's engagement ring and a combination of gold and gemstones from her own rings, we created this show stopper for Caroline!

"What you have created with special pieces is simply stunning. You are one clever, talented & caring person. Thank you so much" 

Twist Diamond Solitaire Rings

Sisters Selena and Shiquita had a diamond ring of their grandmother's and a mixture of other gold jewellery.  

They asked me to create something they could both wear and decided on matching rings.

"Thank you very much again, it's so lovely to have something so beautiful to signify our shared memories of our babcia (grandmother)"  Shiquita