caring for your jewellery

To help keep your jewellery in tip-top condition, we recommend that you follow these suggestions.

  • Using a soft (old!) toothbrush and warm soapy water can remove build-up of dirt/discolouration.

  • Using hairdryer (on a low setting) afterwards will help to avoid water marks on your jewellery.

  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, especially when wearing jewellery with gemstones.

  • Perfumes, lotions and chemicals can all affect the look of jewellery over time.


Silver Jewellery

  • Wearing your jewellery (rather than keeping it hidden away in a box) is actually the best way to avoid tarnishing on silver! Your skins natural oils help to form a barrier against oxidisation.

  • If you find your item of silver jewellery blackens when you first wear it, follow the above method of cleaning with a toothbrush & warm, soapy water.

  • You may also like to use a ‘silver dip’ which can be purchased from hardware stores.

  • Initial discolouration should fade within time. It isn’t clear why this can happen to some people’s jewellery, but from researching, it seems it could be attributed to medication, diet or even pregnancy (If you are male, you can probably rule out the last cause!).


Snake chains

  • Snake chains have an unusual semi-rigid form that can make them susceptible to kinking.

  • Careful storage and handling is required to preserve the chains original shape. We suggest that you store your necklace loosely coiled or hanging up to avoid being squashed or misshapen.


  • Finishes that are applied to our jewellery can alter over time, simply due to everyday wear. This is more applicable to rings and bangles; satin & frosted finished pieces may become shinier with wear and polished items can become slightly duller with time.


Complimentary re-finishing service

  • If you feel over time that you would like your Kate Smith Jewellery item restored to its former glory, get in touch as we offer a free re-finishing service. We have specialist equipment that will thoroughly clean and re-finish your treasured item.

  • Just £8 is required to cover the return postage – please enclose this when sending your jewellery to us.

  • After contacting us, please then send your jewellery (securely packaged & with a return address) to: 

  • Studio 6, 49 Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6HF

  • We suggest that you send your item using Royal Mail Special Delivery, so that the contents are insured.

  • Your item will usually be returned to you within 10 days.

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