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How do I find out her finger size without being found out!?


We get asked this question a lot.


Whilst there is the option of tying a piece of string around their finger whilst they sleep, it isn't a method we advise. Partly because it is very difficult to do (and there is a strong chance they will wake up and wonder what the heck is going on!)  but it isn't actually very accurate. 

In reality, it is quite difficult to find out another persons finger size without them knowing.  However, there are some things you can do to help you buy that ring of his or her dreams.

If secrecy isn't your main priority here, we can actually send you a free finger measuring gauge. Just get in touch and one will be posted out to you.


However, if it's a covert operation that's required, the first step would be to sneak a look at an existing ring that they wear and measure the width of the band as well as the internal diameter (in mm).


Even if this ring is worn on a different finger than the intended, it can provide us with enough to go on to be as accurate as possible in working out what their size would be. It is also important to note whether the ring you are measuring tends to be worn on their dominant hand (usually the one they write with, as this tends to be slightly larger than the other hand).

If the above is not an option, please be rest assured that when you buy a ring from us it can either be altered or exchanged for a different size if it doesn't quite fit. A small alteration is free (within in one size) or an alteration of larger than one full size is subject to a charge (please see our returns policy for more detail).


Any item of jewellery can be returned for a full refund (excluding bespoke/one off items) if it is just not quite right.


So, with this in mind, please take a moment to read the following:

  • If you are unsure of size, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise. We can send a free ring sizing gauge to you. Just contact us with your address and one will be posted out!

  • If you have your finger measured at a jewellers, please take a note of the width of band that is used to measure you (in mm)

  • If you are taking the size from an existing ring that you/the recipient owns, again, please let us know the approximate width of the band (at the widest part) and it's internal diameter (in mm)

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