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10 Alternative Engagement Rings For The Non-Traditional Bride

green octagonal emerald on a textured, yellow gold band,

You've already bypassed the high street (what's on offer has a habit of blending into one), reached the end of Google (like Netflix during lockdown) and you still haven't found entirely what you're looking for.

So I'm guessing you're someone who likes to do things a little differently, right?

You don't follow the crowd, and the thought of having the same engagement ring as everyone else sends a shiver down your spine.

Well, you've found a corner of the internet that was tailor-made just for you.

Today I'm sharing with you 10 non-traditional engagement rings that whisper individuality rather than screaming I'M ENGAGED! ...although that is a completely valid reaction too.

From understated styles to full-on sparkle, I've got you covered when it comes to alternative engagement ring inspiration....

non traditional platinum diamond engagement ring

1. Textured Platinum Ring with Scattered Diamonds

A diamond and platinum engagement ring has been a staple for many modern brides since the 1990s, but we've taken this classic combination and given it an alternative twist. The central diamond still gives a nod to the more traditional engagement ring but the structure, texture and cluster of smaller diamonds lend a much more organic feel to this precious ring.

unique sapphire and diamond contemporary engagement ring by Kate Smith Jewellery

2. Blue Octagonal Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring

Looking for a diamond alternative? Let's talk sapphires!

Why are sapphires such a great alternative? Well, they're available in a variety of colours (blues, pinks, yellows, greens...and even reds - which actually makes them a ruby - but more of that later) and are second only to diamonds in terms of their hardness and durability. So if a client wants to add some colour to their engagement ring that isn't a diamond, I'll always suggest a sapphire. The gorgeous shape and angle at which we've set this particular blue sapphire, injects a modern take on a very traditional gemstone.

blue diamond and white gold engagement eternity ring

3. White Gold Ring with Blue Diamonds

So it's understated sparkle that you're after? You can still do diamonds but in a less obvious way. These blue diamonds are ultra sparkly, but scaled down in size and flush set into the band, they add a different take to what's perceived as

'engagement ring'.

twist diamond solitaire 18ct yellow gold engagement ring

4. Diamond Twist Solitaire in 18ct Gold

Still after that diamond to take centre stage? Whilst this may be one of the slightly more traditional-looking engagement rings that we make here at Kate Smith Jewellery, what sets it apart is the unusual twist setting, the organic patterning and random, smaller flush set diamonds.

non traditional silver engagement ring with off set diamond by Kate Smith

5. Off-Set Diamond Solitaire Silver Ring

This extra wide silver ring creates an impact all of its own, but add an off-set diamond into the mix and it immediately elevates it to engagement/wedding ring level, but in the most unusual way.

combined wedding and engagement ring with heirloom diamonds by Kate Smith Birmingham

6. Silver & Diamond Gold Detailed Wedding/Engagement Ring

How about combining your engagement and wedding ring into one? This silver wedding ring features our clients' inherited family diamonds (you can find more about my remodelling service here) so the sparkle that we added has a deep sentimental meaning.

alternative emerald and diamond engagement ring by Kate Smith Jewellery Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

7. Twist Diamond Solitaire with Emeralds

Remember the twist style setting above? This can be adapted in so many ways! Our client knew she wanted her engagement ring to feature emeralds, so we added them on either side of the central diamond in this white gold ring. This is a lovely example of how our Bespoke Service gives you the opportunity to tailor our jewellery to create your dream engagement ring.

emerald engagement ring inspired by nature by Kate Smith Jewellery Birmingham UK

8. Textured Gold Ring with Emerald

Talking of emeralds, I couldn't resist including this emerald and yellow gold ring in my selection. Whilst the ring has a single, central gemstone (like many engagement rings) it's the choice of the emerald (that we sourced especially for our client) and texture of patterning on the band that give it real individuality.

octagonal ruby platinum engagement and wedding ring by Kate Smith Jewellery Birmingham,  UK

9. Octagonal Ruby Engagement & Wedding Ring in Platinum

When's a sapphire not a sapphire?

When it's a ruby!

Made from the same mineral (corundum) as sapphires, it's only when the gemstone is red, it's classed as a ruby. It's another stunning alternative to a diamond and again, selecting a more contemporary setting (like the octagonal platinum setting here) the ruby brings an unexpected, less obvious, look to the piece.

Princess cut diamond silver engagement ring by Kate Smith Jewellery, Birmingham, England

10. Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Although princess cut (square) diamonds lend themselves to a geometric style of ring, we did the opposite and juxtaposed it against a flowing, organic background to create an unusual contrast. This ring was made in silver but would work equally well in gold gold or platinum.


Hopefully, this selection has quenched your thirst for something a little different, but if you're still in need of more alternative engagement ring inspiration, take a look here.

And, of course, we also have alternative wedding rings for your perusal too!

And if you've seen something here that you'd like to know more about, just drop me a line at to learn more.

Many of the rings shown above are bespoke creations that we've made for our clients. Find out more about our bespoke service here

Ready for more?

How To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring: Your Ultimate (And Alternative) Guide covers everything from metal and gemstone options to working out their finger size if you're going undercover and surprising them! It's a deep dive into all things engagement!

Maybe you have some old jewellery that you'd like to incorporate into your engagement ring? Remodelling Heirloom Jewellery: How To Breathe New Life Into Your Unworn Treasures walks you through the process and gives you some questions to consider along the way.

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Solitaire twist 0.80ct diamond gold engagmement ring by Kate Smith, Jewellery Quarter. UK.
contemporary gold pendant by West Midlands jewellery designer Kate Smith

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