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The Most Elegant Sea Inspired Jewellery For Ocean Lovers

Did you know there's a word for ocean lovers?

A thalassophile is a person who feels the magnetic pull of the ocean and craves the calming sensation of breathing in sea air.

With our studio in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter, we don't get to feel sand between our toes as much as we'd like. So, I've done the next best thing by creating a collection of pieces inspired by the sea.

Read on to discover the must-have pieces for understated beach lovers everywhere (no sea shell necklaces or seahorse charms to be seen) - whether you get to live out your seaside fantasy every day or you're counting down the days until your next escape.

What to call (and buy) an ocean lover

First things first, I wanted to explore this beautiful term more to understand its origins, and why so many of us feel deeply connected to the ocean.

A thalassophile is someone who loves the sea and needs to be close to the ocean to breathe easily.

Do you identify with this?

The word derives from Greek mythology - you might have heard of the mighty Thalassa, goddess and spirit of the sea.

It's only natural (if you excuse the pun) so many of us feel at our most grounded when we're close to the ocean. Not only is it the most peaceful, meditative experience to watch the waves crashing down, it puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Suddenly, our problems pale into insignificance when we take in the enormity of the world around us.

For many, that need for the sea manifests in various forms in our everyday life.

Perhaps you gravitate towards calming blues and sandy tones in your clothing, and maybe you cherish jewels that are reminiscent of the ocean so you can evoke that transformative power of the sea at a touch or glance.

If that sounds like you or a loved one, you're in the right place.

Check out our selection for the very best earrings, rings, and bracelets inspired by the sea so you can instantly tap into the stillness and inner peace you feel standing on the beach at sunset - wherever you happen to be!

Warning: this is not beach jewellery as you know it!

Does it have an understated beach theme?

Absolutely, as you'll learn when you read more about the meaning behind the Dune Collection.

Is there an obvious ocean theme that slaps you across the face like a wet fish?

No, that's not what we're about!

In fact, lots of our customers come to us because the jewellery they found elsewhere doesn't feel them.

This is a collection of ocean jewellery that's subtle, elegant, and stylish, so only the recipient knows the true story behind the piece when they open up that jewellery box.

Sand dunes

What inspired our ocean themed jewellery?

From our landlocked location in Birmingham's world famous Jewellery Quarter, you may be wondering how on earth I came up with the idea to create a collection of jewellery inspired by the sea.

The truth is, our Dune Collection started life during the first Covid lockdown back in 2020 (remember those days?)

In between the Groundhog Days of home schooling, sourdough starters and a single daily walk, my mind started wandering into the idea of continual flow, rich textures, and a healthy dose of sparkle (after months spent in loungewear, can you blame me?)

I was craving that feeling of vastness you experience when you stand on a beautiful beach looking out onto the horizon with the wind whipping through your hair.

And like you, I was discovering a deep love for nature as I relished the chance to escape the house for an hour a day, looking at the natural world flourishing around me, dreaming of jetting away from everything one day in the future.

And so, the Dune Collection was born.

In the lines you see on every piece in the Dune Collection, I want to evoke the image of windswept sand dunes and the contrast of strong waves crashing down onto the steady shore.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Sea inspired rings

modern minimal textured silver handmade ring by Kate Smith Jewellery - example from a range of sea inspired jewellery

Made by hand in our studio, the Slim Dune Ring in Hallmarked Sterling Silver is a gorgeous textured ring, reminiscent of those windswept sand dunes I was dreaming of getting lost in.

Inside the ring, it has a smooth finish so it slides onto your finger and feels comfortable enough to slip on day in, day out - don't you just love it when a piece feels so natural it becomes a part of you?

Gold Dune ring - inspired by the sea and sand dunes

This beautiful piece is an effortless everyday choice, yet the unique pattern makes it feel truly special. Ideal for nautical lovers, or as a thoughtful jewellery gift for a beach lover in your


Plus, it comes in widths of 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm to suit you perfectly.

Prefer a little more sparkle? We don't blame you ;) Try it with scattered diamonds in either silver or gold.

Gold jewellery inspired by the sea

Now for a real show-stopper!

If you or a special someone oozes that effortless coastal style and you want to find something memorable, look no further than this Extra Wide Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring.

It features a single diamond set amongst textured gold and comes in 9ct or 18ct gold (none of these items are gold plated btw).

Gold chunky Dune ring inspired by the sea

Textured on the outside in the Dune collection's signature windswept lines, it has a comfortable smooth finish inside to glide onto your finger.

We recently made one of these as an alternative engagement ring

Either way, it's a must for adding a sparkle to that beachy boho style.

Beach wedding couple

Rings for a beach wedding

If you're planning to say 'I do' in a destination-style beach wedding, why not honour your theme by exchanging subtly ocean inspired rings with your special someone?

alternative gold and diamond engagement ring handmade by Birmingham jewellery designer Kate Smith and inspired by the sea

Dark blue sapphire and platinum non traditional engagement ring by Kate Smith

The Wide Gold Dune Ring with Scattered Diamonds is the most beautiful way to combine your love of the sea with your commitment to your favourite person in a classic, refined way.

P.S. We think these Organic Gold Earrings make the perfect bridesmaid jewellery gift for your big day - plus, they come in a gorgeous small gift box to slip into your luggage without taking up extra space, which feels like a win to me!

Sea inspired beach lover small silver stud earrings with texture by Kate Smith  Birmingham UK

Beach inspired pendant necklace

Keeping your love of the sea close to your heart never looked better.

If you love handmade pieces that represent your passion for the ocean without being OTT, this elegant Silver Necklace complete with windswept lines and a seemingly floating pod is an inspired choice.

beach inspired silver necklace

And while we love creating all kinds of necklaces for women, the Dune duo of pendants is a personal favourite of mine (that's right - it comes in a gorgeous gold too, with a choice of chain lengths available in both metals and a cool T-bar catch.)

sea inspired gold necklace by Kate Smith Jewellery

Sterling silver sea inspired bangle

For so many of our beloved customers, the jewellery they wear has meaning - are you the same? It could be the sentiment of a special trip or the joy of thinking about someone you love.

ocean inspired silver cuff bangle by Kate Smith Jewellery

So, if you've had an amazing seaside escape with your partner, or you know a friend who loves to be reminded of endless childhood beach days, sea inspired jewellery is a beautifully thoughtful gesture.

We love how this Silver Cuff goes with everything and feels right to wear every day, not just on special occasions - it has a comfortable fitted feel without being too heavy.

It's also available in gold and as a full bangle (below).

sea inspired gold bangle by Kate Smith

Beach inspired earrings - the perfect jewellery gift

Are you looking for a beach themed gift that doesn't scream seaside tackiness?

If you've exhausted the shops on Etsy and nothing fits the bill, our handmade jewellery could be the answer to your shopping saga.

Gold earrings have a forever elegance and these domed Stud Earrings In Gold are bestsellers for a reason - it's our firm belief they literally suit everyone!

sea inspired round gold earrings by Kate Smith Birmingham UK

Customise the Dune Collection

Love the ideas you’ve seen here but want to personalise your piece a little further?

multi diamond ocean inspired platinum engagement ring by Kate Smith Jewellery

We create bespoke versions of the Dune Collection for people who have something more specific in mind around this theme, like this non-traditional engagement ring with a cluster of diamonds.

See more examples of our custom jewellery (two of which are shown below) and get in touch for a chat and let’s start planning!

remodelled gold ring with garnet sapphire and rubies by Kate Smith Jewellery

Sea inspired gold jewellery - ring by Kate Smith Jewellery

Ocean inspired jewellery - handmade here in the UK

All of the pieces you see here are handmade in our Birmingham studio, nestled in the Jewellery Quarter.

And even though they draw inspiration from the ocean, they're not your average summer jewellery or beach lover gift - they're timeless classics to reach for every season and situation. Delivery takes between 14 and 21 days*, and there's free shipping included for UK thalassophiles!

*Do you need it sooner? Let us know and we'll sea what we can do (sorry, I'll get my coat)

Click here to see the full range of the Dune Collection or get in touch if you're looking for a custom-made or repurposed piece lovingly created by a fellow ocean lover.

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