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What Are Eternity Rings Meant For?

I love hearing the stories behind your pieces, and modern eternity rings are so popular with my customers that I thought you may be curious to dive deeper into the tradition and understand more about its origins.  

What are eternity rings for? And when did they become a trend? What do they represent, and how do you wear them? Spoiler alert: we're going WAY back to get to the bottom of these burning questions.

I'm Kate, a contemporary jeweller based in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter - join me on an exploration of the eternity ring and if you're looking for a refreshingly modern alternative to the traditional eternity ring, you'll get a dose of inspiration to help you on your search too.

Read on for my essential guide to the modern eternity ring

What's the tradition behind eternity rings?

Eternity rings actually date back centuries. Did you know the first eternity ring was given in Ancient Egypt?

Being big on symbolism, the circle held deep significance and represented eternity for the Ancient Egyptians. They held marriage in such high regard that it was seen as an unbreakable bond that transcended even death.

So, the Egyptians combined these two concepts and created the original wedding band as a physical representation of the union between two people.

And while they wore simple, plain bands without diamonds or other gemstones, the concept endures, and the eternity ring still represents that bond.

What's the meaning behind eternity rings? What are they for?

Eternity rings are typically seen as a symbol of never-ending love. Traditionally, they feature a band of gemstones that run all the way around the ring to symbolise infinity.

They're most commonly given to someone as:

A milestone marker

Many of my customers choose contemporary eternity rings to celebrate the birth of a child or other significant milestones in life.

A popular option is to choose the baby's birthstone for the gems in your eternity ring, so you can carry around a constant symbol of your love for your little one. 

If you have more than one child, you could also combine the different birthstones for every child, as well as you and your partner, to have a visual reminder of the bond you share and the individuality of each member of your brood.

Renewal of wedding vows

Another great reason for an eternity ring is to commemorate a big anniversary, like your first, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, or the renewal of your wedding vows.

This is especially popular with couples who have been together for a long time and want to mark their long-term promise to one another. What better way to celebrate than with another stunning piece of jewellery?

Naturally, your style and tastes change over the years. And for many of my customers, they have more disposable income when they renew their vows than they did when they first tied the knot. 

So, choosing or creating a beautiful new ring (perhaps even a piece of bespoke jewellery?) to celebrate a vow renewal is a lovely way to not only mark the occasion but represent who you are right now and your unique connection.

A declaration of love

Although eternity rings are typically exchanged after marriage, you can do things your own way!

Not married yet? Not ever planning to be?

An eternity ring could be the ideal way to show your love and commitment outside of the usual traditions.

What does an eternity band look like?

The modern eternity ring we know today tends to be a gold, silver, or platinum band featuring a series of gemstones. 

(We also make beautiful rose gold eternity rings if that's more your vibe!)

You can opt for a classic eternity ring with gems all the way around, or a half eternity ring, with stones scattered generously across the front side.

Traditionally, the unbroken line of precious metals in the classic ring represents the infinite love shared between two people.

However, contemporary eternity ring design means you can now choose from a variety of unique designs and unusual styles if you prefer something a little different to the norm.

Diamond eternity rings tend to be the most popular style, but different stones are favoured by different people, depending on the meaning and individual style.

What's the difference between an eternity ring and an engagement ring?

Typically, the gemstones on a full eternity ring appear in a continuous loop all around the ring, while a conventional engagement ring features a smattering of gems or a single gem at the front only. 

However, many of our customers love to mix things up and choose a luxury eternity ring as their engagement ring, and vice versa.

We have a collection of wedding and engagement rings you can buy online or have made to order.

Which gemstones can be used in eternity rings?

Diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones are suitable to scatter through your ring, and if you opt for us to design and make a custom ring for you, the choice is yours.

Birthstones can lend themselves well to use in an eternity ring. In fact, as I write this, I'm preparing to send off a silver ring with lots of different coloured gemstones for a customer who wanted to include all her children's birthstones.

Many people choose their own birthstones, or those of their children or partner, when designing a made to order ring.

This is the perfect way to personalise your ring and embody a lasting relationship through jewellery.

However, a word of warning!

Not all of the birthstones are suitable to be used in a ring of this kind, so it's always best to discuss your ideas with my team and me so we can offer expert advice.

This is because some stones lack the durability or lose their aesthetic appeal when scaled down to a size that works for an eternity ring. For example, peridot is a beautiful gold-green stone that's the birthstone for August. Yet, scaled down its colour pales, and it's not hard enough to avoid bumps and cracks with regular wear.

In this instance, I'd suggest alternatives that look similar, or talk to you about choosing a different month with equal significance - for example, your anniversary month instead of your birth month.

Which finger should you wear it on?

Tradition says an eternity ring is worn on your wedding ring finger, the fourth finger on your left hand.

You can stack it up with your wedding and engagement rings, or wear it on its own if you prefer.

However, you do you - it's your ring, and you can wear it wherever you like!

Can I buy myself an eternity ring? 

It's an unequivocal YES from us here at Kate Smith Jewellery!

Increasingly, I'm seeing people buck the conventional trends in life and jewellery. So who says you have to be in a relationship to wear a beautiful eternity ring, or wait for the right person?

A stunning handmade eternity ring could be a glittering symbol of your self-love and independence after undergoing a personal journey, or for absolutely no reason at all other than you feel like it!

Whether it's to mark your own milestone or just for the sheer joy of it, I'm 100% here for throwing tradition out of the window and gifting yourself an exquisite ring.

If you've been eyeing one up and looking for permission, take this as your sign to self-gift.

How much does an eternity ring cost?

An eternity ring is an investment, and the cost will vary hugely depending on where you choose to buy it from, and the style you go for.

Our range of modern eternity rings starts at £495 for our Slim Silver Dune Ring With Scattered Diamonds, and goes up to £2,770 for the 18ct Gold and Diamond Ring.

See our full selection of eternity rings here.

For bespoke pieces and remodelled jewellery, all rings are made to order, so the cost will vary for every design. Your best plan is to speak to us directly or head to our website if you’d like a guide price before enquiring.

Handmade designer eternity rings expertly crafted in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

Here at Kate Smith Jewellery, our collection of eternity rings is designed and produced in our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter studio.

Find the perfect ring for you to signify the never-ending love between you and your partner, or the timeless love you have for yourself, over on our website.

There, you'll discover a treasure trove of unique eternity rings available to buy online -with free UK delivery.

Like our vibe but can't see the right one for you?

My team and I also handcraft bespoke eternity rings, so you can tailor the style to embrace your unique taste. Contact us to have a chat through your ideas and we'll take it from there.

We also offer a jewellery remodelling service if you have old pieces of jewellery you'd love to turn into a sparkling new eternity ring to cherish. Perhaps you could salvage family heirlooms to create a modern-day connection between you and a relative who's sadly no longer with you.

Whichever style, design, meaning, or ring finger you go for, we hope you find a thoroughly modern eternity ring that makes you glow inside and out!

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