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The Best Nature Inspired Jewellery | Handmade In The UK

Are you looking for a beautiful piece of contemporary jewellery inspired by the natural world?

I have just the thing for you.

Delicate and elegant, my Isis Collection exudes natural beauty and has been a favourite with jewellery lovers ever since its launch back in 2008. 

Learn more about what inspired me to create it, and explore each piece in more detail to see how it would fit beautifully into your jewellery box...

Nature inspired jewellery - handmade in England

The Isis Collection from Kate Smith Jewellery is a selection of nature-inspired jewellery made in the UK. Every piece features floral-inspired silhouettes, created through hand engraving and piercing the silver before darkening the pattern to create a striking contrast. 

The jewellery collection features silver rings, earrings, bangles, cuffs and necklaces which we handcraft in our workshop in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

cherry blossom inspired silver jewellery
Inspiration for the Isis Collection

About the Isis Collection

I named the Isis Collection after the Egyptian goddess Isis.

She was considered the feminine archetype for creation; the goddess of fertility, the moon, and motherhood.

I designed this collection in 2008 and it has truly stood the test of time. I like to think the story behind it has contributed to its longevity and popularity, because - like all of my work - it comes from a very personal place.

Rewind to 2008 and my husband and I were trying to start our own family - a journey not without its hiccups. 

Today, we're proud parents of two sons, but I've spoken openly about my experiences along the way - you might have read my blog post on 5 things not to say to someone who has had a miscarriage.

When I was trying to start my own family, I took inspiration from the new growth I was seeing all around me.

Seeing cherry blossom branches start to form and open up on springtime walks through the forest, I couldn't help but draw parallels with the precious feeling of hope and the new beginnings we, too, were trying to create.

I created sketches of these branches which soon led to the Isis Collection of silver jewellery springing into life, inspired by nature and named after the protector of women and children whose symbols include the sycamore tree.

I hope you love the finished products and their special meaning as much as I do.

How is the collection made?

Every item of jewellery in the Isis Collection features a silhouette of cherry blossom branches bursting into life to represent fresh starts and new growth.

My team and I engrave and hand-pierce them with a saw frame here in our Birmingham workshop, and can also create custom pieces inspired by the collection if you have something more specific in mind (please do contact us directly if you'd like to chat about this!).

The 'drawn' pattern you see is enhanced using a technique called oxidisation, where the pattern is blackened for a striking contrast effect.

If you're interested in what goes into modern jewellery making, you might like to read a blog I wrote giving you a rare glimpse behind the scenes of my jewellery remodelling process. I'd love to know what you think - or if you'd like to see more like this?

In today's blog, I'm going to talk you through each of the pieces that make up the Isis range so you can take a closer look and decide if it belongs in your life.

Designer ring with floral inspiration

Let's start with this elegant sterling silver ring inspired by nature.

By slipping on this hallmarked silver ring with a hand-engraved floral pattern, you can embrace the natural world and keep a symbol of it close by.

Like everything in the Isis Collection, this ring features silhouettes of branches bursting to life to reflect fresh starts and new beginnings - what would this represent in your life?

This is the perfect everyday ring you can slip on and feel 100% yourself as you step out into the world. It comes in either 7mm or 10mm widths, with a flat outside and inside profile.

Flower inspired pendant necklaces

A pretty pendant-style necklace is one of those jewellery pieces that instantly transforms an outfit.

100% more understated than OTT, this is not your average flower pendant - it's a refined and classy way to show you treasure Mother Earth. Made in hallmarked sterling silver with that signature oxidised patterning, this blossoming pendant comes in various lengths so you can find the ultimate look and feel for you. 

Or, make a stronger statement by choosing the larger silver floral pendant with an open style, navette chain and a handmade, T-bar style catch, as seen below. 

Which one is more you?

Sterling silver earrings

If you love nature but you're not ready to go full cottagecore in your personal style, a delicate pair of botanical inspired silver earrings adds that natural charm to your look without overkill.

A touch of flora goes a long way in these hand-engraved round silver earrings with a stud-style fitting and a textured, satin-soft finish.

It's no wonder this is the most popular choice in the Isis Collection.

The square version of these silver earrings is equally chic, allowing you to capture woodland charm in your own modern way.

Handmade nature inspired silver bangle

If a bracelet or bangle is top of your wish list, discover the Isis silver bangle.

Fresh, modern, and flourishing with the abundant joy of spring, it measures 15mm and has a textured, satin finish for comfort and style.

 You'll want to keep this one close to hand, as it's your go-to bangle to pop on with everything.

As with all of this range, it's made by hand by the KSJ team in our Birmingham studio.

Unique handmade patterned silver cuff 

Prefer a cuff to a bangle? Bring the garden into your wardrobe with this understated piece of jewellery. The Isis silver bangle is made from hallmarked sterling silver, making it a classy choice that elevates smart and casual clothing combinations.

Silver cufflinks

I actually created this pair of silver cufflinks for my husband to wear on our wedding day, so they hold a special place in my heart and have a romantic back story.

(Don't worry, I did draw the line at designing my own engagement ring - fortunately, my now-husband turned to one of my own favourite jewellery designers!).

Crafted from sterling silver, these cufflinks are engraved with the classic Isis leaf patterning and feature a swivel backing.

They make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for someone who loves (or needs) to be suited and booted, yet yearns to express the outdoorsy side of their personality when in formalwear.

Silver necklace and earring set

Can't decide on one piece?

You don't have to!

Opt for this silver necklace and earring set - the perfect way to get your hands on two sophisticated pieces from this flora and fauna-inspired range for yourself or a special person in your life. 10% off if you buy them as a set.

Wear these items together or separately to add a naturally graceful dimension to your style

Lots of people love to gift this set to a partner or family member who seeks the solace of nature to soothe and energise them in their daily lives.

If you're unsure which piece to gift that person, this is the perfect (and a very thoughtful) token of your affection and I'm sure they'll absolutely love it.

Brownie points all around!

Perfect gifts for the nature lover in your life

Scouring the internet for nature-inspired jewellery can lead you down some weird and whimsical wormholes, so I wanted to create a range for you that felt contemporary, stylish, and subtle while giving a knowing nod to our shared love of nature. 

All sorts of people gravitate towards this collection, but it's especially cherished by the jewellery lover who feels connected to the great outdoors and feels a sense of the magical healing power it has.

That person in your life (or maybe it's you?) takes notice of the ever-changing outside world as the seasons shape our surroundings.

Every item comes in its own gorgeous gift box, and you have the option to add a gift bag for an extra touch. 

Why is nature such a source of inspiration for jewellery designers?

Jewellery making actually dates back more than 100,000 years, with the first examples crafted from Narrarius snail shells, stone, and animal bones.

Back in prehistoric times, it was worn as a status symbol or to ward off evil spirits, but today we have a more playful approach - although having said that, the word itself actually comes from the old Latin word jouel, meaning plaything,

Clearly, nature is the original inspiration for decorating ourselves with beautiful things that hold meaning, so it's no surprise nature is a jewellery theme that still endures today.

About Kate Smith Jewellery, contemporary UK jewellery designer

As a jeweller, recognising and celebrating the world around me was such a strong source of inspiration for me in creating and curating this line of timeless, modern jewellery.

It was born in the throes of spring, as new life formed and the world began to blossom again after the dark days of winter.

Although it had its beginning in spring, I wanted it to be a natural choice for every day and every season. Equally at home on a crisp autumn day and a long summer night. We craft it with this in mind, dreaming of the ways you'll make it your own out in the wild.

Hopefully, this blog post has planted a seed in your mind for how you can weave a penchant for nature into your personal style in a thoroughly contemporary way.

And whether you feel as moved as I do by a walk in the woods or you simply love the aesthetics of this range, I'm delighted you found yourself here and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about this or any of my other collections.

If you prefer the coast to the forest, check out this blog post about my sea-inspired jewellery range - Dune, which is reminiscent of windswept sand dunes.

You can contact me here or join my VIP email list to keep in touch - thank you so much for stopping by and if you're treating yourself or someone close to you today, happy shopping and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting an independent jewellery business. 

bangle stack by Kate Smith Jewellery Birmingham UK

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